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Swedish company Addtech Struck by ransomware

In its latest update, Addtech, a technology trading group with annual sales surpassing SEK 10 billion, has continued its examination of compromised systems and servers affecting about 80 of its 130 compa

nies. The ransomware attack struck Addtech’s IT systems on October 30, 2019.

2020-01-24 08:30

As previously announced, the IT attack that hit Addtech during the third quarter of the fiscal year, is estimated to impact full-year EBITA by a total of approximately SEK 150 million. About 40 percent of total impact is direct costs, and will essentially be carried by the parent company, while 60 percent is negative effect on EBITA from operations (“Operating effect”). The Operating effect will be distributed with about 10 percent respectively on business areas Automation and Energy, about 25 percent respectively on business areas Components and Power Solutions, and about 30 percent on business area Industrial Process. Approximately 70 percent of the direct costs, and about half of the Operating effect, will be allocated to the third quarter, while remaining impact will be allocated to the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year. Stockholm, 24 January 2020   Addtech AB (publ)

We recommend that businesses raise their awareness of current threats and consider advancing their ability to detect threats on their servers with strong solutions such as Acronis Cyber Cloud or Axcient.

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