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IBM Spectrum Protect(TSM)

IBM Spectrum Protect™, previously IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), is an extremely scalable backup solution providing centralized and automated data protection for virtual (VMware and HyperV), physical, and cloud environments.

Best protection

Backup and Archive your important files and systems

Best security package

Restore files and data for legal or operational purposes

Reduce overhead

Restore whole machines to a virtual server if the very worst happens


IBM Spectrum Protect provides storage and backup in one package with a fast recovery option. The solution automates data backup and restore functions, supports more platforms than other solutions do, and it centralizes storage management operations. Based on the incremental forever principle, full backup only needs to be performed once; subsequent backups only include changes. This results in the lowest amount of data.

IBM Spectrum Protect is much more than just a backup system and can do a lot more: ​

  • Reduces infrastructure investments

  • Provides a simple user interface for both backup administrators and non-experts

  • Guarantees easy data protection regardless of fast-increasing data volumes

  • Improves application availability and reduces downtime

  • Future-proofs your data management processes

  • ​Lowers operating costs

  • Provides effective protection of virtual environments

  • Reduces the risk of data loss

  • Meets legal requirements and compliance

  • Manages data throughout its life cycle

  • Future-proofs your data management processes


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